Dena Teta Smallwood

Dena Teta Smallwood is an activist and the Project and Program Assistant at LEGAL. She works at the local and national level to advocate for access to discrimination-free health care services for the LGBTIQ Community. She assist to develop Project Proposals and implementation of LEGAL activities. She also Work along with the M&E Officer to manage and monitor the work of the Outreach Officers and Peers at the local and national levels. She assist in developing Project reports quarterly, bi-annually and annually about LEGAL’s Projects activities conducted at the local, national and international levels and send to the ED, for onward submission to Donor’s Partners, Donors, Board Members. Work with the Program Team to conduct field visits to projects sites in the counties for monitoring/evaluation purposes. Facilitate workshops, meetings, attend meetings, training, seminars and conferences at the local, national and international levels for experience sharing and learning