Mrs. Mengee A. Kai

Am Mrs. Mengee A. Kai marry to Mr. Gaitor A. kai and we are blessed with 3 (three) children, two boys and a girl. Am a graduate of the First Assembly y of God High School, Buchanan Street 2008-2009. I joined the Liberian National Police since 2007 up to present. I have served several units and sections, and presently I am the Chief of Stockpile in the small arms section with the rank of Inspector. I am the Executive Director for Solidarity Sisters Network of Liberia that is well structure with 6 members. Solidarity Sisters was given birth by LEGAL in the year 2018, with our four years existence our primary work is to protect all members of the Coalition and the community. This our motto: Social Protection for All. Since SOSNOL was established I have been to three African countries on an exchange trainings and others, and have also had several capacity building trainings, under ActionAid, COC, ISDAO, and DAI etc. Under the DAI I serve as one of the board members for the Rapid Response Committee. Am also a board member on LIPRIDE. Any other question call these number +23177020883 or +231886530491 email: