Matenneh K. Barmoh

Matenneh K Barmoh is a human rights activist and Senior Outreach Officer at LEGAL. As Senior  Outreach Officer she perform the following roles and responsibilities, under the direct supervision of the Project and the M/E Officer to conduct the following as require: Writing reports, arranging program activities in Community, attend meetings and workshop or seminars. Conduct community meetings once a month with Peers to get abreast of issues affecting sexual minority women, girls, men, boys and other vulnerable groups of people. Work directly in the community with community structures and LEGAL’s target group on human rights advocacy, HIV and AIDS prevention and document human rights abuse cases at the community level and report to the M/E Officer monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and annually for onward transmission to the Project Officer. Facilitate trainings at the community and national levels. Conduct HIV and AIDS awareness at the community and national level. Reach Out to 40 Peers for referrer and treatment. Conduction condoms distribution at the community and national levels. Attend meetings, trainings, conferences and seminars at the national and international levels for experience sharing and knowledge building, so as to enhance skills and the work of LEGAL.