Jenneh Mustapha

Jenneh Mustapha is the Program and Communication Manager at LEGAL. She work with the Project Coordinator, M&E Officer and Finance Officer to develop project proposals, budget and M&E work plan. Work with the Project Coordinator and M&E Officer to conduct field visit to project sites in the counties for monitoring/evaluation purposes. She develop stories of change of project beneficiaries on the project conducted, work along with the Program Team to produce video clips on short story, pictures on every activity, writing of reports, assist with the arrangement of program activities and provide media engagements for Programs in Country and attend meetings, workshop or seminars, nationally or internationally for capacity build and experience sharing and learning new skills and approaches to the work or the work organization. Write case study stories of change on all LEGAL’s activities for Donors and Partners to have a clear picture of LEGAL’s work in Liberia, the Region and for publication on LEGAL’s, websites and other social media. Manage LEGAL’s Website. Arrange Press Conferences, issue press releases, conduct video and photo taking training for other members of the Media and Communications unit of LEGAL and also train other LBTIQ members who are interested in photo and video production.

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