Nathaline Abena Williams

Nathaline Abena Williams is the Finance Assistant at LEGAL. Assist with the affairs of the Finance Unit and carry on financial transaction of LEGAL daily in line with its policy. Assist with bank transactions nationally and internationally. Assist with the production a monthly narrative report and breakdown on expenditures of funds, along with all banks statements, original receipts and proforma invoices of all items purchased and produce financial reports quarterly, bi-annually and annually to the Executive Director, for onward submission to donors, partners and board members including staff members. Assist with the development of a payroll for LEGAL and its staff members monthly within a stipulated time frame to be presented to the ED for approval for payment. Assist with the development of a financial reporting system for LEGAL. Attend meetings, seminars and conferences at national and international levels for experience sharing and learning so as to enhance the work of LEGAL. Assist in the conduct of a weekly meetings with finance support staff, on the expenditure of LEGAL’s funds and the way forward. Assist with the development of the check and balance system of LEGAL. Assist with the disbursement of funds and payment of Project Activities. Assist the Finance Officer to develop a project budget code for all LEGAL’s projects and programs. Perform other financial and administrative tasks

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