Who We Are

LEGAL is a Human Rights Organization dedicated to advocating for the wellbeing and protection of the LGBTIQ community and other discriminated groups in Liberia. We believe in a world where the rights of all are respected and where everyone has a voice, without discrimination or stigmatization.

The Challenge

The LGBTIQ population in Liberia is faced with numerous challenges: discrimination, family neglect, human rights violations, lack of access to justice and protection, and limited access to sustainable income opportunities, among others. Lesbian women and girls and transgender people, in particular, face additional challenges associated with sexual and gender-based violence, limited education opportunities, and a lack of safe homes. We work to tackle these challenges using a feminist and woman-centric point of view.

Our Approach

Since January 2012, LEGAL has sought progressive social change for LGBTIQ people in Liberia.

Human Rights

We advocate for the protection of human rights, sexual autonomy and bodily integrity of LGBTI individuals in Liberia. We champion the safety and wellbeing of our target groups by engaging in human rights advocacy with civil society organizations, the Liberian Parliament and government, and International NGOs.


We foster and enhance access to health, education and social justice. We promote public health programs and provide social and psychosocial support to LGBTIQ individuals and disabled persons within the LGBTIQ Community. We provide education, skills training, and safe houses with a focus on our Lesbian sisters.


We foster freedom of expression, economic empowerment and political participation. We promote agriculture as a sustainable income generating activity for LGBTIQ individuals.

Target Population

Our target population includes the Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Bisexual and Intersex (LGBTI) community, people living with HIV, people with disabilities, sex workers, and female injecting drugs users. LEGAL centers, in particular, the fundamental rights of lesbian women, girls, and transgender people to ensure they live a dignified life free of oppression, harassment, and discrimination.

Our Staff

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