LEGAL/RFSU Consultative Review Summit

On 18th May 2022 LEGAL/RFSU Conducted Consultative Review Summit under the Sexuality Education and Non Discrimination Project at K Plaza Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County with Human Rights Advocacy Lawyers, Independent National Commission on Human Rights (INCHR), Office the High Commission on Human Rights (OHCHR), Representative from the House Standing Committee, Law Reform Commission (LRC), Ministry of Justice (MOJ) Human Rights Section, Representative from the Bar Association, Female Lawyers Association of Liberia, Representation from the Armed Forces of Liberia (ALF), Liberia Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRD), Liberia Feminist Forum (LFF), National Aids Commission (NAC), International INGO, Diplomatic Mission, EU/SPOTLIGHT INITIATIVE, LIPRIDE, Traditional Leaders and other CSOs and CBOs) to review and inform on policies and laws (Penal Code 17.0,1,2,3,4) that are discriminatory and harmful to the existence of Sexual Minorities.


On the 17th May 2022 LEGAL/SOSNOL Stand Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. Stop Discrimination, Hate Speeches and Cyber Bullying against LGBTQIA+ Community all over the world.  

LEGAL/CHI under the IRISHAID Project held Dialogue with Community Structure and LGBTQI Community Members at Rock Hill Community in Congo Town

On the 9th April 2022, LEGAL/CHI under the IRISHAID Project conducted Dialogue with Community Structure and LGBTQI community members at Rock Hill Community in Congo Town to discuss the challenges they are facing in the community.

FHI360/NACP Roll Out of Oral PrEp at Sis Barbara Ann Clinic.

On the 5th and 6th April 2022, Jenneh Mustapha (Index Testing Field Officer) Reuben T Willie (Monitoring and Evaluation Manager) John T. Weah and Fredrick Quiqui ( Outreach Worker) from LEGAL participated in the Oral PrEp roll out at Sis Barbara Ann Clinic. Oral PrEp is the new medication to prevent HIV/AIDS.


On the Month of March 2022, LEGAL held regular SMT Meeting Every Tuesday of the week at LEGAL Office to update on the activities we have implement and our up coming activities, and also the way forward of the organization.

LEGAL/Epic Monthly Performance Review Meetings with Peer Educators, Peer Navigator and Outreach Workers.

On 30th March 2022, LEGAL conducted Epic Monthly Review meeting with Peer Educators, Peer Navigators, Outreach Workers and staffs under the Epic Project to evaluate their performance in the field for the month of March 2022. We discuss the challenges why some of them are not meeting their target, and to also to discuss the way forward to meet our targets.

SoSNoL SMT Meeting

On the 23rd March 2022, SoSNoL SMT meeting held at LEGAL Office to know the way forward of the organization.

LEGAL Data Verification Under the Epic Project at JFK, TB Annex, Clara Town Clinic and Sis Barbara Ann Hospital with Viral Load Champions and Data Clerk.

On 21st March 2022 the Project Coordinator (Joe W Thomas), Monitoring and Evaluation Manager ( Reuben T Willie) and Jenneh Mustapha ( Index Testing Field Officer) under the Epic Project started data verification to see that all our PLHIV beneficiaries that we reached under the project has done their Viral Load and the result has been entered in the DHS2 system.

LEGAL/RFSU SRHR Consultant In Liberia Meeting

On the 24th March 2022, LEGAL/RFSU SRHR Consultant in Liberia held a partner meeting at LEGAL office to know the work we have been doing under the RFSU project and also to see how we can be part of the SRHR Network in Liberia.

LEGAL/FHI360 Partners Supervision Field Visit Meeting

On the 23rd March 2022, FHI360 supervision field visit at LEGAL Office to know the work we have done since FY22 and also to know the challenges we are facing in the field when it comes to our target.

LEGAL Communication In House Training For Outreach Officer In March 2022.

On the 21st March 2022, LEGAL started an in house training for Outreach Officers to have basic knowledge on how to take good photos and video recording so that it will help them to know the types of photos and videos to take when they are in the field.

Youth Alive Liberia (YAL) / Global Fund Governance and Leadership Capacity Development Training For LEGAL Staffs at Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

On the 14th to 16th March 2022 LEGAL Staffs participated in a three (3) days Governance and Leadership Capacity Development Training conducted by Youth Alive Liberia (YAL) / Global Fund at K Plaza Buchanan, Grand Bassa County. The aim of the training is to develop the skills required to effectively provide governance, better communication, adhere to policies including good workplace behavior, and appropriate leadership, skills in fundraising and advocacy for our organization.