Immediate Release

Tuesday, May 17, 2022, Monrovia, Liberia, In observance of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, Biphobia etc. LEGAL Inc. and Solidarity Sisters Network of Liberia (SoSNoL), as a Feminist  Human Rights and Democratic Based Organizations wish to call on the government of Liberia, the religious community, the traditional community, community leaders, community dwellers, stakeholders, policy makers, partners and Foreign Missions in Liberia, to join the advocacy  in advancing human rights advocacy, safe environment, inclusion in political participation and equality under the rule of law in decision thus; creating an inclusive and protective environment  for Gender Minorities in Liberia for social change.

According to the Executive Director LEGAL Association of Liberia Inc and CEO of SoSNoL, Jennifer Kuwa Henshaw said, in order for the Country to mitigate the challenges that Gender Minorities are face with, we need a collective efforts To achieve a positive narratives for social change in Liberia and as such, as an organizations, we hold all rights holders, stakeholders, Partners, Missions, Policy Makers and the Government line ministries accountable for the implementation of resolutions 275 and 276 of the African Commission on People’s and Human Rights which Liberia is a signatory to this African Chapter to ensure that all forms of violence and abuse against women, girls and other Genders Monitories comes to and end as the constitution of Liberia, call for equality and protection for all of its citizenry under the rule of Law.

In recent time, the Gender Minority Community has suffered from huge form of violence, bullying, abuse and neglect in the Private and Public Spaces, which limits them from enjoying their rights to freedom of association and movement. So for this reason, the Organization is calling on all meaningful Liberians to embrace tolerance and stand against hate crime.

May 17, of each year, is the day that is being observed internationally by UN Members States Country and Gender Minority Organizations to stand up against Homophobia.