LEGAL/SoSNoL is Appealing For Assistance For This Sick Lady.

This lady is sick, she is an elderly Community and need help. Her home is falling and she is appealing for assistance. Mother Bishop as she is commonly known in the community, who live along bungalow in Carey Street in the heart of Monrovia, age 60+  is seriously in need of emergency health support and accommodation for better living. She lost her husband some years back and she is abandoned by her family. She lives in a deployable condition, she is losing her eye sight as the result of her illness and she need serious medical, food, sanitary supply and better housing for her wellbeing and safety.

LEGAL/SoSNoL are kindly asking all of our Philanthropists and Partners to please support this elderly woman to survive, it is not easy, life is challenging for her.

Please help to save life and make someone happy! She can be reached through LEGAL via +231880741192

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