3 Day Joint Awareness & Enhancement Retreat for Monitors

Day 1- Representing Dr. Uchenna Emelonge, the Country Director of (OHCHR) was Melvin Nyonway, who highlighted (OHCHR) responsibility as secretariats there to monitor human rights in Liberia’s day-to-day activities. Under their motto to protect, respect and fulfill, he assured that every human rights violation documented by the 10 treaty bodies to OHCHR is reported to the Liberian government.

Madam Michelle Bachelet is the seventh commissioner for the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), which works under pillars such as:

  1. Non-discriminatory groups-LGBTIQ’s, women, children, elderly.
  2. Development
  3. Accountability- making sure the rule of law is effective and that no citizen is being denied their rights.
  4. Participation- getting everyone involved in government initiatives without discrimination and providing human rights instruments.
  5. International Mechanism

Facilitated by Gloria Harris-INCHR Gender coordinator on day 1, Commissioner Mohammed Fahnbulleh of the Oversight Depart of Legislative Assistance Treaty Matter and Law presented the bodies role as protectors of human rights nationally/internationally. He added that ensuring laws are amended and changed to cooperate a safe haven and comfort zone for all is their priority.-The workshop-will enlighten great new ideas to gain more skills to help recognize the rights of people.

Those that also presented were Atty. Urias Teh Pour, Acting executive Director-INCHR, Mr. Peter Zaizay, Director of Complaint Investigation and Monitoring INCHR, Mrs. Hawa B. Dugbeh, Women and Diversity Officer and Mohammed Kromah , Human Rights Investigator-INHRC. A group work to help participants recap to help create ideas in strengthening human rights was done with four grouped participants before the days closing.

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